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Obtaining a level of consistency and basic professionalism in your business can often be the difference between growth and decline.

Pineapple Group have developed a range of services that support and guide your business at a ‘grass roots’ level. Whether it is improving efficiency in the workshop, obtaining consistency with your marketing, monitoring your brand image at the dealership or ensuring a clear process is adopted at all customer touch points we have a solution to help you consistently evolve and improve.



In a move to provide digital-based solutions to our clients, Pineapple Group were proud to announce the launch of the ServicePics app in April 2020.  ServicePics is a new application (available on Google Play and Apple Store) enabling users to easily up-sell additional service items and accessories to customers.

In combination with free training from the Pineapple Group Training team, this useful app targets common issues such as miscommunication of work approval requests, poor up-sell results and low motivation or structure in the up-sell process.  Additionally, it offers the ability to lessen disputes over vehicle damage claims whilst vehicles are in the service department.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Pineapple Group FZE are happy to offer this product for an extended trial period of up to 6 months.  For more information on this product or to sign up and download the app for free trial, please go to

Consultancy Support

Consultancy Support

With over 40 years of combined knowledge in the Used Car/Pre-Owned business, Pineapple Group FZE specialise in the introduction, and further development, of either Manufacturer or Dealer-based Used Car programs on both regional and global scales. From the creation of the strategy, assessment of current dealership operations and capacity planning, all the way through to on-the-ground implementation and execution, our inexpensive, tailored consultancy is designed to get maximum results from logical questioning and practical advice.

If you already have a well established pre-owned operation, it's always good to get a health check from time to time. Pineapple Group FZE specialise in this area and offer a simple, consultative, 2 day business health check designed to review, understand and zero in on key business choke points. This inexpensive check can be done 'on demand' or as part of a longer term development process.

International Fair Wear & Tear Guide

International Fair Wear & Tear Guide

Available in a generic, semi-personalised or fully customised design, the International Fair Wear & Tear Guide has been developed as a definitive independent global standard for vehicle condition appraisals. Taking into account a vehicle’s age, kilometres and overall condition, from the mechanics through to the upholstery, our guide summarises the degree of deterioration judged to be reasonable when a vehicle is returned and assists with clarity from the outset for both the client and the dealer. Our booklets are available to purchase online or direct from Pineapple Group as part of our consultancy support or training consultancy programs. This independent guide has now been adopted by rental/leasing operations as well as major manufacturer used car programs.

Vehicle Photography and Image Editing

Vehicle Photography, Videography and Image Editing

By combining a dedicated work ethic with innovative solutions, Pineapple Group FZE look to offer a cost effective package that results in an immersive visual experience for your customers. Combine this with a vehicle upload service to most of the popular regional websites, our flexible, friendly and reliable service allows you to put your full focus on selling vehicles as efficiently as possible. Check out our new 360 degree photography example below.

Exige Sport 410Snap Content

We also offer A4 printed flyers or Pre-Owned Sales Brochures alongside our photography service, to further enhance your sales. These are available as part of our documentation and Point of sale creation program.

Retail Point of Sale Material

Retail Point of Sale Material

In conjunction with our printing services, Pineapple Group are able to provide high quality ‘point of sale’ material and documentation for any dealership network. Whether you are looking to bring consistency to the formatting and development of stationary or looking to fulfil more complex requirements for your showroom display, Pineapple Group can offer a number of solutions.

  • Business cards and general stationary
  • Product and general information brochures
  • Vehicle inspection forms
  • Vehicle license plates (Make, Model specific)
  • Vehicle license plateholders
  • Vehicle price boards
  • Vehicle information sheet holders

Please contact us for further information on the solutions we can provide.

"I'm really glad to have found such a company that actually knows our business and what we need"

Managing Partner, Independent Service Centre, Dubai

"Pineapple Group gave a clear and logical approach to pre-owned program implementation. They involved the whole network at every step"

Regional Pre-owned Sales Manager, Middle East

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