Porsche Virtual Showroom

Porsche Virtual Showroom

Sports Prestige Automotive Manufacturer Regional Office

  • Set up a virtual call center capable of accommodating video walk-around of up to 6 models that is open from 8am until 10pm.
  • Provide professionally trained staff with a high level of technical product knowledge as well as a good understanding of the core sales process within Porsche.
  • Handle all ‘live text’ and ‘live video’ call inquiries generated from websites serving Porsche customers in Africa, Middle East, India and Pakistan.
  • Provide a tailored vehicle walk-around via direct video link using selected software to successfully answer all customer questions and queries.
  • Create a library of engaging video and photographic content available to send to customers during chats and calls.
  • Follow up with customers and arrange showroom visits, appointments and test drives wherever possible.
  • Ensure the customer is enriched with the history of the Porsche journey.

The key purpose of this project was to create a greater level of engagement and interaction with customers at various stages of the buying cycle whilst they were browsing the Porsche website. The primary objectives were based around exciting customers with interesting facts from the brand’s extensive history ideally linking them to the customer’s potential purchase, giving an in-depth product experience to promote the Porsche product range and to guide and encourage showroom visits and test drives.

The project was a huge success with over 1000 interactions in less than 3 months and an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.87 (out of 5). Initial customer interactions resulted in multiple sales across the region.

Spin-off benefits for the brand included direct customer feedback on the website, the dealerships and their processes as well as regional and local product specification feedback and business-critical items such as demonstration vehicle availability including parts and accessories inquiries. Customer complaints were also accepted and processed with a greater level of urgency taking the issues to a conclusion.

This project would be recommended to any manufacturer looking to obtain a greater level of customer interaction and engagement whilst driving more footfall to the showrooms for the fully immersive brand experience.

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