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Pineapple Group FZE are able to offer coaching solutions that fit your business's specific needs.

Why should you choose coaching and what benefits can you expect as a result?  Read on to learn more, and get ready for our coaches to make a sustainable positive impact in your business:

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What is coaching?

'A problem well defined, is a problem half solved'

Coaching is a collaborative process with an ongoing relationship between the client (Coachee) and coach. The coaching experience supports the Coachee in establishing new behaviours. The coaching relationship is strengths-based, forward-looking, and collaborative and the coaching agenda is developed and implemented in partnership between the Coachee and Coach whilst following proven guidelines defined by the Pineapple Coaching team. Coaching encourages the delegates to think more about the solutions and options available to them after analysing their situation and accurately defining their problems in detail. The Coach will help the Coachee progress toward achieving his/her goals and ambitions whilst delivering tangible results that move the business forward in ways that training does not.

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Benefits of coaching

'The benefits of coaching are boundless'

Coaching is all about focusing on the individual. Developing greater business awareness and self-awareness in the process. This synergy enables self-improvement and the coachee to establish new behaviours surrounding the approach to tackling business objectives, enabling them to take ownership and responsibility for the outcomes. Anyone at any stage of their career can benefit from coaching. Coaching is always relevant as the coach continuously seeks to unlock the next tranche of boundless ability that each coachee holds within them. To understand more of the benefits, we would invite you to read the feedback from our delegates and ask yourself… do you want your employees to comment like this about working for your business?  Pineapple can make this happen.

Why Pineapple Coaching?

We have an overall delegate approval rating of 9.9 out of 10 (272 responses)

Coaching is an acquired skill. Not everyone is able to transition to or absorb a fully developed coaching style. Pineapple Group have many years of experience and a fully developed coaching process designed to promote the best in your employees. Our dynamic team offer dedicated and personalised solutions for your business to help you achieve your overall objectives. Unlike conventional training, or coaches that simply talk without action, we strive to obtain documented results with self-generated action plans that lead our delegates on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment and performance improvement from the individual to the business overall. Whatever your goals, coaching is the most efficient way to maximise your business performance.

With an overall delegate approval rating of 9.9 out of 10 and a recommendation rate to other clients of 9.6 out of 10 Pineapple Group have a proven track record for providing high quality coaching with tangible results.


How will we know if it is working?

Your team members will noticeably flourish as they drive themselves forward

Pineapple Group will always work hard to ensure ROI can be quantified and proven. All of our sessions are documented to ensure visibility in waypoints of progress. On average, 92% of our coaching sessions result in documented action points and objectives. Those action items and objectives are summarized and reported back to the management on a regular basis. Beyond this, additional tangible outcomes will be felt within the day-to-day operations with immediate effect. As the delegate grows in confidence, ability and self-awareness, they will begin to express themselves and strive with renewed vigour towards their self-determined goals benefiting the entire business.

Who to Coach

Who should be selected for coaching?

As coaching has its focus purely on the individual, ultimately anyone of your team can benefit from the coaching process. Coaching can be of benefit to anyone from new starters to long term career employees. It is proven to be one of the best ways to unlock new potential in individuals, departments and businesses overall. It is always recommended to cover groups at a time rather than isolated people to promote unity, however this is entirely up to you. Each coachee should receive a minimum of 2 coaching sessions. That being said, 4 sessions over the course of a 6 month period would see more permanent and far reaching results.

How do I start this program?

Starting a coaching progam with Pineapple Group is really easy...

Alternatively, Pineapple Group now have a range of ‘Inner Automotive Professional’ coaching programs for our clients.

  • Inner Sales Manager
  • Inner Sales Consultant
  • Inner Service Manager
  • Inner Service Advisor
  • Inner Professional
  • Inner Performance Improvement

Coaching Packages

With coaching packages starting from as little as USD599, Pineapple Group are able to support any business with any size of budget. For further information on our flexible packages, please contact us.  To start striving for a higher level of performance, contact us today for a free consultation and proposal.

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Coachee Feedback

"It was the best interactive session I have ever done in my life!"

Vishwanath C, UAE

"Full openness between the coach and coachee"

Ali M, UAE

"I appreciated the time to talk through my challenges and find solutions"

Anon, UAE


Yasser D, UAE

"The performance of the coach was great"

Anon, UAE

"The coaching made me feel capable of improving my own performance."

Nehad S, UAE

"The coach is very understanding and helpful, allowing me to speak so that he can guide me."

Ahmed A, UAE

"It was very empowering and made me realize I need to get back on track to be able to achieve what I am aiming for. Focusing on what matters and being pro-active...The coach made me very comfortable in sharing my thoughts and ideas about key topics and not hesitating to share facts and life experiences."

Quincy C, UAE

"The coach has brilliant skills to understand my explanation and to help me find my own solutions to solve my problems."

Adeel A, UAE

"Very interesting. I felt free to share my suggestions and try my own ideas without worries."

Mohammed R, UAE

"This is the best way to help me overcome problems and hassles in my daily work."

Abdul R, UAE

"Showed me how to tackle problems and stay focused."

Glen S, UAE

Pineapple Coaching

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