Vehicle Photo / Videography

Pineapple Group delivers quality solutions for Vehicle Photography, Videography, and Image Editing.

We recognise the value of an image.  Pineapple Group generates marketing assets for the automotive dealership, with consistent results and quality assured.

Increasingly, digital images form part of the modern automotive dealership when attracting, converting and retaining customers. Pineapple Group delivers high-quality results that support your business: from high volume used vehicle photography to promote inventory online, to bespoke vehicle videography to communicate and market a specific model or product offer.

We combine dealer image generation with effective post-production work to support all areas of dealership digital marketing.  We combine professional image creation with the latest technology e.g. 360 degree image capture to offer cost-effective cutting-edge solutions. Pineapple Group takes time to understand your requirements to produce assets that add value to your business.

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PineappleOne Studio

As part of our partner operation, the PineappleOne Studio offers our automotive partners the perfect venue for a range of automotive solutions. These include:

  • Pre-owned vehicle photography
  • Product training
  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Live broadcasts
  • Vehicle product reviews

For more information about the PineappleOne Studio, look here.

Used Vehicle Photography

Digital photography solutions to deliver consistent in-dealer used vehicle images.

We produce high quality images that are used across different marketing channels by the dealership:

  • Post-production branding for brand certified used vehicle programs
  • Managed image upload to customer-facing websites
  • Easy access for individual sales consultants to send customers unique vehicle images

Vehicle Videography

Videography solutions can cover product introductions for the web, social media communications, internal training assets, and more. Using the latest technology we can tailor content creation for your projects with high-quality output in an efficient and cost-effective package.

Whether for customer promotion or internal team members for training purposes, we create engaging content tailored to your project.

Digital Media Solutions

Pineapple Group works with clients to ensure project results are on point and produced with the specific use in mind: Social Media content created to generate impact and communicate the right messages.

Volvo XC90 Inscription InteriorSnap Content

360 degree Image Capture

Combining our expertise of vehicle photography with the latest software tools provides clients with cutting edge marketing assets in an efficient and cost effective package.

"One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words."

Piqua Auto Supply House, 1913

Vehicle Photo / Videography

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PineappleOne Studio

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