Premium Automotive Manufacturer Regional Office

  • Develop and deploy a complete Sales Consultant Certification program, and Sales Manager Development program.
  • Implement a continuous assessment program to certify behavioural standards in the dealer network.
  • Size and scope of program: Ongoing programs catering to c.80 participants across the Middle East region.

Our client, a Premium Automotive Manufacturer Regional Office, had a previous set of courses that led to Sales Consultant certification, but they wanted to enhance the training offer and ensure the certification program delivered quality, sustainability and accountability.

Pineapple Group worked in partnership with the client to evaluate each course and define clear learning objectives.  Innovative training solutions were engineered in order to raise the profile of the training within the dealer network and ensure engagement to the revised program.

Successful implementation of the enhanced program leading to positive participant reviews and recognition of the training program as benchmark within the wider global manufacturer markets.

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